Vitalis Doctors Group

Business strategy of Vitalis is guiding toward new inventive products and methods behind which is long medical practice and chemist’s assistants.

Our existing products are well-known at market by their quality, inventive, natural composition and they are protect with brands Vitalis Slim, Venogel, Vitacea Imunostrong, Sports Cream, Power Revitalising, Urovital, Yin Antistress and Yang Energising.

Our brands are well-known and design of our packaging is not stereotype in a way to give direction of medicament. Our packaging is in harmony with design in the world in medical and pharmaceutical industry.

With pleasure we can say that in Vitalis we succeed to build brend “VITALIS”. Services that we give are unique and lead to cure and facilitate trouble of our patients. The results are criterion of success of methods in Vitalis. We always follow new attainments in medicine and pharmacy. We want for our products to have presence on our and other market because they have necessary quality that we achieve in our laboratories.

Patent products, innovations, diagnostic, therapeytic and medical methods are priority of Vitalis Doctors Group Company.