Vitalis Doctor’s group and medical centre Vitalis have been presented on 23rd. International Cosmetics Fair ˝Touch of Paris˝ which was held on 26th and 27th of april in 2014. on Belgrade fair.

Our presentation in VIP section has attracted many of our old as well as many new clients. Clients were interested in our new products which we have presented on this occasion specially for them as well as the solutions that we have to offer for their health problems. Besides the products that are already renowned on the market such as Venogel, Sports cream, Slim and others, we have presented our new products CardioVitalis and Detoxmax.

Cardio Vitalis is completely natural product which contributes to normalisation of irregular heart beats, normalises irregular heart rhythm, dilates the arteries, prevents formation of atherosclerotic plaques which build up along the lining of blood vessels, reduces cholesterol levels, increases blood vessel elasticity. Detoxmax is specially formulated, all-natural phyto-based product which is comprised of a combination of the most powerful natural antioxidants, extracted from herbs which are intended for defence and protection against many well-known diseases. It is tested, registered and its efficiency is proven.

The visitors of the fair had the opportunity to attend an interactive lecture on subject: ˝Acupuncture and antioxidants in the service of beauty˝ held by M.D. Vesna Marinkovic Micic. M.D. Vesna Marinković Micic spoke to numerous professionals specialised in various areas of medicine and cosmetology as well as to curious visitors of the lecture. Besides the aforementioned lecture, M.D. Vesna Marinković Micic spoke about excerpts from her book ˝Medicus Natura˝ and she answered on questions asked by visitors of the lecture. The visitors of the fair had the opportunity to ask for advice from our doctors as well as to make use of special offers which we have prepared especially for them on this occasion.